“Wind Blown”: Clarinet Sonata by Peter Hope – CD out now


I’m very pleased to say that the recording myself and Simon Passmore made of the Clarinet Sonata written for us by Peter Hope is now finished, and will be released on 18th November! The disc is called “Wind Blown” and appropriately enough also includes sonatas for oboe, bassoon and recorder by Peter.


It’s on the Divine Art label (you can listen to an audio sample on their website) and can be purchased via Amazon.

Here is some more information about the composer Peter Hope.

The sheet music is available from the publisher Accolade.

Simon and I look forward to continuing to programme this wonderful piece over the next season.

Our thanks go to Peter, John Turner, the Ida Carroll Trust and Richard Scott (RAS Audio).

Klezmer-ish’s Autumn
Klezmer-ish in the Music Room, Liverpool Philharmonic Hall