Bob the Builder!


Something a bit unusual…I was asked to contribute a bit of cameo dixie clarinet to one of the tracks on the Bob the Builder “Never Mind the Breeze Blocks” album! It was great fun and you can listen to it on Spotify – it’s the track called “Nuts and Bolts and Nails and Screws”…!



Orpheus Elegies


Back in 2009 I played bass clarinet on Melinda Maxwell’s recording of “Three Bach Arias” by Harrison Birtwistle. It was published on the Oboe Classics label and you can hear a clip from it on their website.

It was given a four star review by The Guardian.

Music for the Imagination – music & visuals


Here are some videos from a project we did back in 2010 with video artist Richard Dawson. He created some fabulously atmospheric projections to accompany Lenny Sayers’ “Music for the Imagination”. It was premiered in the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.


Simon Parkin – “March 2nd”


Here is myself and Simon Passmore playing a fantastic piece by Simon Parkin which fuses Mozart and klezmer! October 2015.

It’s part of a mammoth series Parkin has set himself of writing a piece for every day of the year…so far we’ve premiered the first 5 days of March and hopefully there will be more to come…!

Klezmer-ish at Liverpool Uni – review


We had a very nice review in The Sphinx for our recent concert at the Leggate Theatre, Liverpool University. They called our concert “a complete and utter transportation to any cobbled, bohemian street in Eastern Europe through the rustic charm of Klezmer-ish’s music, resplendent with quirky off-beats and pretty melodies”.

You can find the full article here.

Guillaume Connesson: ‘Techno-Parade’


A video of the Sterling Trio performing a great piece by Connesson called ‘Techno-Parade’ is now available on YouTube. It fuses classical and popular music styles, and features Lauren doing all manner of unusual things with the piano…

The performance took place at the Bridewater Hall, Manchester in June 2013.

Check it out and let us know what you think!